With the internet growing day by day, more and more number of people are getting connected to the World Wide Web. Information exchange happens at the speed of light. One can send a message, picture or video to another, living miles away and get response in seconds. We get to know of events happening around the world instantaneously. Innovation is taking place in the social media space like never before. New ideas and features are being incorporated by existing platforms and several new ones are coming up at frantic pace.

The advantages and disadvantages of the use of social media go hand in hand. Cyber bullying leading  havoc on an individual’s  mental state, Black lash due to people’s comments on politics and religion, invasion of privacy due to the fact that anything posted on social media can be pulled out by someone who do not know you,  are few demerits of using social media.

The worst affected group by social media usage is teenagers. Studies and experience sharing by many parents and educators indicate that in 24 hours a day, many teenagers spend 60% of the time they are awake on the social media which means almost 8 hours are wasted online. Addiction to computer multimedia is a reality. Some people cannot stay without being on some or the other gadget. This can be a big health hazard if not corrected in time.

Dear Parents, today children have access to the internet through various gadgets. This technology revolution is here to stay. It’s in your hands to regulate the use of social media by students. Self regulation is the best regulation. Encourage your children to do that; yet have a watch over their activities in and outside your house. Do not let them stay late night online in the pretext of studies.

Dear students, the parents and teachers may give you advice but in the end it is only self regulation that would bring in any impact. Your predecessors have already explained to you how keeping away from internet and social media supported their success in competitive exams and other fields of life. It is only your own conscious call that would determine whether you want to take care of yourself for a brighter future or spoil your future for the temporary pleasures you enjoy now. Heavens don’t fall or nothing on earth shatter if you don’t engage in social media activities. Remember your studies and your spending time with parents and for games and sports are more important than being online.

The physical world is similar to the virtual world in many cases. It’s about being aware. We prevent many debacles if we’re educated. Parents and other elders in the family have a greater responsibility to exercise discipline on oneself in the use of media and set an example for children to emulate. Do remember, children often imitate what they observe.